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30 min Shot Review : £15

* Required

1 hour Shot Review : £30

Send me an e-mail with your shot attached whether it be in viedo format / maya file or a link via


Let me know what you want to achieve with the shot and what stage it is at. Also it would be great to know what level you are at in your aniamtion journey :)



David Chambers - Cinematic Animator at TT Games:


I've worked with Mark for two companies and what has always me impressed me has been Mark's work ethic and attention to detail. He is a fantastic animator

and someone I have turned to many times in the past for feedback. His critiques are always thorough and beneficial to my final amimation.



Oliver Satterley - Senior Facial Animator at Foundry 42


Mark is a good, reliable source of feedback for animation work. He has helped me with shots that have gone on to be included in my showreel, which then went

on to get me work. Nice one bruva!



Jamie McCue - Senior CInematic Animator at Slightly Mad Studios


Mark has an excellent eye for small and large details in any shot he has given me feedback on in the past. He can elevate your work to the next level and will

help you along in your animation journey.